Understanding amendment 2: abortion


When you go to the polls next Tuesday, you will have four state amendments to vote on. The most controversial concerns abortion. Only one week away from the election, WAAY 31 wanted to know what it was saying, so you could make an informed decision.

“You see some organizations telling them that it would potentially change the law. We are not changing the law. We are presenting a public policy statement that we Alabamians are pro-life,” David Pinkleton said. Madison County Democratic Party.

He said amendment two will not cancel Roe v. Wade and will not make abortion illegal. We read a copy of the wording on the ballot, and it states that the Alabama Constitution does not guarantee the right to abortion or its funding.

Walt Maddox, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, has said he does not support him.

“This is a constitutional amendment and our constitutional amendments supersede any state law, so adopting an amendment which is a declaration and not a matter of managing our day to day operations is inherently dangerous for me,” he said. declared.

Critics have said Amendment Two is the first step in dismantling Roe v. Wade. Maddox says it’s just too wide.

“I am a pro-life Democrat, but there must be exemptions for maternal health, rape or incest. This amendment does not provide for all of that and for me it is unthinkable that we even commit In If we want to be pro-life, we have to keep those exemptions out there, ”Maddox said.

Republicans believe this could be a step in showing legislatures what Alabama thinks about abortion, if it were ever brought down to each state to decide.

“Roe v. Wade isn’t suddenly obsolete in the state of Alabama. Abortions are allowed, but it’s clear in the constitution that,” hey, you know there is no right to abortion. ”We’re not going to have that listed in the constitution,” Pinkleton said.

Governor Kay Ivey has said she supports amendment two because it supports the rights of the unborn child.


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