The future is globalization: economic strategies 2021


Hijacked by myopic pirates, stealing local prosperity to strike deals overseas, destroying their own middle classes and small and medium-sized businesses across the western world, the nobility of the term ‘globalization’ has been lost in the idle drama over the past decades, applauded by local national leaders of the period as an era of the greatest economic boom of all time. Leveraging untapped local entrepreneurial forces to boost the economies of small and medium-sized enterprises has been ignored. The empowerment of citizens working for global competitiveness has been destroyed as economic forces, today lame economies, in the shadow of the pandemic recovery, decimated factories and deserted communities are now visible everywhere. the developed country. Worried citizens need urgent options before they become magnetized to populism.

However, since then mankind has started to walk upright. The lingering dreams of the past millennia have always been to understand beyond horizons, to explore the new world. Today, the time has come to reclaim the dignity of the term “globalization”, the true term that defines the opening of global collaborative fair trade across 200 countries and the understanding of life in 10,000 cities around the world. It is a junction to open the largest cross-trade and stimulate micro-exports and micro-manufacturing. But why,

Now, digital platforms like flying carpets surround the exotic caravans of the world’s future

The rains of printed money only create social democratic societies, brings us closer to crude communism and new “isms” while trade wars are living proof of unskilled production unable to withstand global competitiveness. Relax; no need to jump out the window, because we’re all downstairs in broken savings. Intelligence creates skill wars to elevate active national citizenship. Globalization is the future, because an open world means open trade, in harmony, diversity and tolerance and the time has come to mobilize 500 million SMEs and billions of new entrepreneurs in the economies of digital platforms to stimulate global economies, nation by nation and city by city. -city.

Why does the “third decade of the third millennium” suddenly need globalization?

By recognizing the greatest economic force ever in action, the existence of some 500 million micro, small and medium enterprises of the world brings us into the third decade, the virtualization of economies begins to become realities for survival in a digital world. By recognizing the billion new entrepreneurs on the march, including most of Asia alone, the tidal wave of streamlined ideas on building the skills of exporters and re-skilling manufacturers kicks in.

Missing from the global meeting agenda; these mega forces combined, colossal hikes will begin, although NOT yet properly spelled out in this collaborative digital format, by the G20, OECD, WEF and UN and clearly absent from the last G20 meeting, because SMEs not create a global voice and strength. New global covenants are poised to achieve global growth and collaboration such as UNGC, RCEP, ASIAN and CPEC. Therefore, large, intense policy programs and global debates are needed. Each of the 200 countries with their own recitals of whitening lists of economic problems, without intense discussions of the challenges replaced by political talk via teleprompers on the SME sectors, has failed to merge the global digital platforms of understanding. or make it a globally feasible solution where inter-trade and clearing will benefit all participants. Accept the extreme change; accept virtual economies that adapt to a deep digital world, but why,

After a full vaccination we will not wake up in 20s but suddenly thrown in 30s

What this means, technology will suddenly reach its peak on all the new business models that are breaking our current skill levels. This is where each job title will need to match real talent, real skill set, and execution speeds. Replacing the firm handshakes and fake smiles, power play outfits and fanciful postures preserved for circus performances, while expensive decorum and furniture thrown out of skyscrapers. But why,

Welcome to our modern times, where only unlearned survive, while deniers become slaves to robots. This is where only a continuous point of constant disturbance will create a continuous point of constant changing mode state. The rest will turn to dust, shattering centuries-old business models, adding stormy winds for the lingering old dead ideas to fade away. But why,

The global age transformation and national leadership in denials;

Although burning on stakes sometimes gains a sort of sanctity, but several centuries later. When “earth” is no longer seen as the center of the universe, millions of people abruptly moved away during their lifetime, changing a new way of thinking, real progress based on huge sacrifices. The post-vaccine world is a very dynamic and efficient world, but the challenge is to uplift the majority of the world’s population to acquire the right skills and courage to face the truth and advance the skills to seek the sustainability and survival of mankind in our time for good. Across the globe, our current outdated education and vocational training systems have failed miserably, with destruction visibly open as critical disconnection, dangerous tribalism and economic chaos, glaring injustices, inequalities and a lack of tolerance. Is there any point in fixing old things or just starting on a new page?

Today, if the earth is round, humanity is walking on a flat path of trade that needs a collaborative synthesis

Unless immediately corrected by drastic measures, soon nations without complete digitization of their economies run out of oxygen, national leadership without precise expertise on digital platforms and AI will appear like zombies with ivy drops. When billions of employees start chanting populism, on the main boulevards, global panic can strike the fan and when national productivity unable to withstand global competitiveness, economic leadership can finally give in to improvement and failure. requalification with a precise national performance program. Otherwise, how is such a mobilization deployed?

Why is the national mobilization of entrepreneurship the driving force behind these challenges?

When systematic and collaborative increase of 500 million SME creations,strengthening exportability skills and retraining skills in the manufacturing sector suddenly appear as the pillars of globalization to increase local prosperity and start saving national economies. The facts are there, unlimited global markets can absorb unlimited innovative ideas, goods and services. Unlimited, SME founders with entrepreneurial talent and energy are always mindful of the expansion of the global age. Unlimited, well-designed innovative ideas and world-age skills can quadruple business performance. Missing links, lack of development, re-skilling and thinking in the global age as well as styles of execution strangle growth.

Hidden challenges come to the fore to elevate the skills of the global age of all frontline strata of national economic development agencies, national trade groups like chambers and trade associations and export promotion agencies. A rapid test will prove today, the serious gaps in skills and experience and the reason why special interest groups have hijacked economic development. Nation by nation and city by city, identifying all high potential small and medium enterprises able to withstand global exports and eager to improve through upgrade and requalification platforms and present them with global access to untapped markets. Not to be confused, as these are several steps far above what is in practice now

New future for economies: enabling micro-small and medium-sized enterprises a tax-free window on the first 5-10 million dollars of export earnings, this will create local jobs and bring in foreign exchange. To permit micro-small and medium-sized enterprises have free access to all dormant intellectual property, Cumulative patents due to lack of commercialization as academic experts on innovative technologies and related skills on free voucher programs. To permit micro-small and medium-sized enterprises free full-time MBA as 12 month interns so that MBA graduates can acquire some entrepreneurial spirit while companies can elevate their ideas in practice. To permit Millions of entrepreneurs qualified to park in a country for 5-10 years under a special tax-free visa program. To permit National Entrepreneurship Mobilization Protocols mandated to engage trade and export organizations. To permit National Entrepreneurship Score to measure, differentiate talent and separate suitors.

Digitization will reduce bureaucracy, upgrading skills will create exportability, requalification will increase manufacturing

National mobilization of entrepreneurship on digital platforms increased exports and re-qualification of manufacturers will save nations through higher productivity and performance, and additional foreign exchange reserves. Relentlessly in pursuit and with authoritative action plans, Expothon deposit a very special and daring program and the launch of a high-level global series of virtual events from the beginning of 2021. The virtualization of the national economy will propel the verticals to new heights and globalization, the new links with global exportability and basic prosperity.

These are not easy tasks, but good dialogue will start the wheels in the right direction. The rest is easy


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