Markets brace for avalanche of big tech profits


Tesla, the parent of Google Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are all expected to release quarterly figures next week as U.S. profit rationale peaks

The U.S. earnings season will peak next week as some of the world’s biggest tech companies gear up to generate quarterly profits.

The first Monday will be (), the electric car maker coming out of a strong 2020 which saw it make an annual profit for the first time and enter the S&P 500.

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However, the company and its billionaire boss Elon Musk will have little time to relax as the company seeks to grow and maintain profits amid increasing competition from established automakers and other tech companies. The company is also currently embroiled in a public relations storm after one of its Model S electric vehicles crashed into a tree and caught fire in Texas, leading to the deaths of two men inside, local police claiming that no one was inside. the driver’s seat.

Investors will keep an eye on the company’s margins as it seeks to lower prices and attract more buyers. The outlook will also be crucial as Tesla seeks to maintain its sky-high valuation, which is mainly based on forecasts of huge growth across the board.

Alphabet and Microsoft version numbers

Tuesday will bring results from parent company Google (), with the company likely seeking to reassure investors that it won’t be too affected by a possible global tax on tech giants proposed by US President Joe Biden.

The company’s outlook statement will also be interesting against the backdrop of an easing of foreclosure restrictions, which will effectively allow people to exit again and, by extension, spend less time on corporate websites. company such as YouTube, the traffic on which it helped break revenue expectations last year.

Also Tuesday, figures from computer giant Microsoft Corp (), which should be interested in more information on cloud computing, as well as any comments on the direction the acquisition of the company will take.

Apple and Facebook to dominate midweek

Wednesday will see the momentum pick up, with results expected from both Apple Inc () and the social network ().

Since Apple already announced a new product line on Tuesday, including new lines of iMac desktops and iPad tablets, investors can look for details on the rollout of these new products or the performance of the company once they hit the market. .

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Meanwhile, iPhone sales will continue to be a key focus area, as well as the company’s performance in the critical Chinese market.

More cautious investors could keep an eye out for any comments about a global computer chip shortage that could hurt the company’s production capacity.

Facebook also unveiled new products recently, including a suite of audio features including “ live audio rooms, ” audio-only group chats that many see as an effort to compete with the Clubhouse audio-only chat app. after its growing popularity last year.

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Along with other product details, investors are likely to focus on key metrics for the company’s user growth and advertising revenue, as well as how it hopes to cope with growing pressure from national governments. on false information and its influence on society.

Weekend delivery from Amazon

The latest tech major to report this week will be e-commerce giant Amazon Inc (), the first results since founder Jeff Bezos stepped down as CEO.

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However, the change in leadership (if you can call it that with Bezos still as executive chairman) is unlikely to bring much of a change in the company’s leadership, while further lockdown measures in several countries are coming. likely to have produced increased sales as consumers found each other. excluded from the main street.

The accelerated transition to digital services caused by the pandemic is also expected to benefit the company in the future, especially its cloud computing arm Amazon Web Services, despite fierce competition from Microsoft and Alphabet.


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