Illinois Democrats seek to end abortion parental notification rule



SPRINGFIELD, Illinois (NEXSTAR) – Illinois minors must notify a parent or guardian that they are having an abortion.

The law came into effect in 2013 after decades of court challenges, but a new proposal would remove the law on parental abortion notices.

“There is no mandate for parental involvement, unless you are seeking an abortion. Emily Werth of the ACLU said. “So the bill to repeal this law would essentially mean that young people seeking abortion care during pregnancy are on the same footing as young people seeking prenatal care or labor and delivery care. “

The ACLU is working in partnership with democratic lawmakers to try to change the law. Opponents see it as another radical extension of the state’s abortion policies.

“We already recognize that minors do not have the decision-making skills of an adult. And so we ask them to obtain the consent of their parents to donate blood, ”said Republican Representative Avery Bourne. “But yet this major medical intervention that could have physical consequences could have mental health consequences, we should demand that their parents be warned.”

The ACLU believes that minors will continue to consult their parents or guardians if they feel safe enough to do so, but under the PNA, minors are often required to notify their parents despite fear of reprisal.

“The people who are really affected by the law are those who are wronged because they do not have a family situation that allows them to involve one of these designated adult family members in their abortion decision,” whether it’s because they’re afraid of physical or emotional abuse or being kicked out of their home, ”Werth said.


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