Dr Vipin Gupta illuminates the essence of current reality in his latest book


If you are looking to get to the reality, check out the “Widely integrated processes in nature (VIPIN)»Series published this year. The series is an innovative work by Dr Vipin Gupta, professor of sensitive management and appropriate science, at California State University San Bernardino. It challenges everything we think we know using conventional methods of science.

The third book in this recently launched series, “Is the current reality: the super-science of transcendental value»Offers a metaphysical integration of physics, biology and management sciences. It takes up the exhibition presented in the first book, What is divine energy, and the second book, What is the current reality, before.

Is Present Reality is a breathtaking display of our reality. In an interview for this story, Vipin gupta explained the limits of phenomenological science using the rope as an example. An observer perceives the rope as a rope after seeing the rope using the light of eye consciousness. If someone is blind or there is darkness, then the eye cannot serve its sensitive light force. In this case, a feeler can design the string like a snake after barely touching the string using the light of skin awareness. One can not perceive the reality of the rope with a simple essential touch and fill the void in the consciousness of the skin with his mental consciousness. Even without a rope in the physical realm, one can feel the rope like a snake by sending a potential snake from the rope present in the mental consciousness. It is not uncommon to dream of an inanimate thing spontaneously transforming into an animated being.

Let us ask ourselves if a rope at the moment can potentially be a snake. Scientifically, a string is a universe of atoms. A snake is a universe of cells. A cell is an atom with consciousness. Consciousness concerns the past of the cell as an atom. This consciousness guides each cell to produce a universe of child cells and transform into an atom to be the paternal soul of the universe of child cells. The paternal soul guides each child cell, along with what is now para-consciousness, to produce a universe of grandchildren cells, leaving the paternal atom to divide and incarnate as many small cells. children.

Professor Gupta shows how an atom is made up of six quarks, three of which are present in the proton, and three are the potential of the electron to turn into a neutron. A paternal atom divides into six potential quarks, each of which has six atoms present. A grandfather atom divides into six present quarks, each of which has six potential atoms. A quark is made up of four child atoms linked to the father atom by the gravitational energy of an octave of atoms that make up a mother atom.

Is the cell aware of its atomic reality? Professor Gupta explains that a cell uses four sequential methods to find out if its present is its reality. First, by applying an objective method, a cell can theorize its object potential as a grandfather atom as a unique and special relative proportion of the overall space that constitutes its subjective reality. Second, by applying a subjective method, a cell can theorize the grandmother’s atom as the spatial effect of its reality as an observing subject. Here, space is a universal and general relative proportion of global time which constitutes the observable objective reality. Third, by applying a causal method, where the maternal atom is the subject who conceives the multidimensional fundamental reality, the cell can theorize the fundamental reality as being a dynamic and parabolic relative proportion of its overall entity potential. Fourth, by applying an entity method, where it is essentially an atomic object whose cellular reality lights up on the ground like a shadow of energy, the cell can distort all three theories of relativity. After that, it can become the ideal that a child atom must follow to know the reality behind the illusory veil of the known present.

Does a cell have the power to transcend beyond its atomic reality? Dr Gupta says: “The answer is yes, because as a unicellular organization, the cell can realize its full potential of octrave.” A cell transforms into an octave of atoms by conceiving its potential to be first a grandmother atom, then a grandfather atom, and finally a parent atom, each having the potential to divide into thirty -six quarks. Therefore, he conceives of his potential as one hundred and eight quarks, six of which constitute his reality. The potential of a cell is immanent in the current quark. Its present illuminates its value as a maternal atom, comprising one hundred quarks as an octave of child atoms without the potential quark.

Why is a multicellular organization incapable of knowing its metaphysical reality? Professor Gupta observes that “the present six quarks generate six theories to make the present reality of the entity the absolute ideal”. First, a father conceives the theory of natural selection to supernaturally engender its programming. Second, a mother designs the theory of selective adaptation to offset the cost of paternal programming through its interpretation. Third, a son designs the theory of adaptive evolution to trade maternal performance for planning a new fatherhood paradigm with his personal strength. Fourth, a girl designs the evolutionary male moral theory of female appropriation to destroy the social effect and take advantage of the current paradigm of radiant maternal love. Fifth, a grandson designs an idealized market theory to guide morality in service of its ideal effect as an institutional force to counter female profit. Sixth, a granddaughter conceives of a theoretical sensible gravity to become the absolute ideal in the service of her gravitational energy to destroy the effect of the male theory which causes female entropy.

How can we know and develop our metaphysical potential? Professor Gupta says that “to live a life of eternity in the present form of reality, anyone can develop the potential of the entity using six law-type ideas.” First, be the girl who attracts divine intervention to reproduce to form a universe of granddaughters. Second, be the son pushing aside the intervening guide and acting like a grandmother to serve divine intervention. Third, be the mother enjoying the growth of the absolute sensible benefit, free from the costs of intervention of the guide to save the daughter. Fourth, be the father experiencing the entropy of the exchange skill, freeing the daughter to take advantage of the skill of his workforce without male networking. Fifth, be the competently networked grandson the granddaughter’s ideal effect, the absolute ideal, for upward male gain, without female cost. Sixth, be the granddaughter acting like a grandfather to energize a son cell to benefit from the knowledge of a skillfully working daughter cell.

Dr Gupta concludes by noting that “the knowledge of the daughter cell is free from curved reality”. One must be a conscious entity to know the reality of the entity’s present, the potential within the entity, and the unlimited growth possible in that potential without this entity.

To learn more about your authentic reality, find the book Is the current reality in hardcover, pocket, digital and in short wherever books are sold.


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