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MT. JULIET, Tennessee (WKRN) – Eight adults and four children have been charged with trespassing after police said they entered the Providence Medical Lodge at Mt. Juliette Friday morning and refused to leave amid an anti-abortion protest.

Captain Tyler Chandler with Mt. The Juliet Police Department said officers received a call around 8 a.m. from 22 protesters inside the abortion clinic that operates from the Crossings Circle medical building, which is off the coast of south mount. Juliet Road near Interstate 40.

The protesters, who included a mix of adults and children, sat inside and were asked to leave but refused, Chandler said during a press briefing.

When the officers arrived, Captain Chandler said they had given the protesters several warnings to leave the facility or else they would be arrested. He said some of the protesters had left, but eight adults and four children remained, handing out flyers saying they had already been arrested.

“It appears that this group has come forward today with the intention of being arrested by our department because of their protest against the activity taking place at the Providence Medical Pavilion,” Chandler explained.

After receiving further warnings, Captain Chandler said police arrested eight adults for trespassing, four of whom were also charged with contributing to juvenile delinquency. The four children, all in their early teens, were charged with trespassing and issued juvenile citations, he added.

Police said peaceful and anti-abortion protests had already taken place outside the medical building, but this was the first time protesters had entered the facility and refused to leave.


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